Top Porn Viewing Countries In The World

When it comes to pornography, PornHub is the best place to get statistics from. The site is one of the most visited with over 64 million users each day. PornHub lets us know each year, what kind of porn GIFS, videos and porn pictures visitors are looking at the most. It is by these stats that the most popular categories in porn can be determined. Genres such as lesbian porn, amateur sex pics, hentai porn GIFS, ebony cumshots, MILF porn pics are all tops.

In addition to what type of adult material people are looking at the most, there are other important numbers. One of them is which countries are doing most of the porn viewing. Analyzing this data can let everyone know where their country stands on porn viewing. Unlike other habits or trends, porn viewing is something many keep secret. But, thanks to these stats, the citizens of these places can’t hide anymore. They reveal just how wild and naughty people are when it comes to their porn taste. The following list of the top porn viewing countries in the world is eye-opening to say the least.

Besides this information, PornHubs statistics also let everyone know what kind of porn pictures and videos women most often prefer. Even more interesting is how searches change according to the holiday season. During the holidays, females searched for things such as “Christmas anal” and “Santa blow Job”, just to name a few. Keep in mind that there are 2.6 million visitors to PornHub every hour. Here are the countries these visitors came from.

  1. Brazil – This country is always at the center of things involving sex and wild things. It is no surprise then to see Brazil in the 10th spot on this list. The people of Brazil love watching any porn pics or videos with anal in them.
  2. Italy – Italians are renowned for their love of pasta. However, they also enjoy spending a lot of time looking at pornography. Citizens of Italy adore amateur porn of other Italians having sex. Plus, they love porn actress Valentina Nappi and MILF sex images.
  3. Australia – The Aussies have a passion for Kim Kardashian and an obsession with lesbian porn material. The people down under spend hours viewing girl-on-girl porn.
  4. Germany – The Germans are coming – literally – as many of them are masturbating to porn. Germany loves anal porn GIFS and sex pics. They also have an affinity for a German reality TV star and model Gina Lisa Lohfink.
  5. France – The citizens of France like to keep their porn taste based on their own country. Most of the searches performed in France when it came to porn was for “French Mother.”
  6. Japan – This country has two of the world’s top ten most searched for genres; Japanese and hentai. But, the people of Japan enjoy viewing porn pics of “Japanese teen” and GIF images of “Japanese wife.”
  7. India – This country is just like France and Japan since they tend to keep what they search for in porn, local. People of India always begin their porn search with the word “Indian” at the beginning. The porn actress named SunnyLeone is one of the most viewed porn terms as well.
  8. Canada – Canadians are busy checking out porn according to the stats. They enjoy MILF sex images, and anything that has the word lesbian attached to it. Variations of MILF porn material were used to bring up every kind of image related to mature women. The same for those with the word lesbians where many other countries seem to enjoy as well.
  9. United Kingdom – Much like the folks in Canada, the people of UK enjoy lesbian and MILF porn the most. Those two genres were the most searched for by them the past year.
  10. United States – Americans love porn and the fact that they have earned the number one spot, proves it. They love things such as lesbians, MILF sex porn and Kim Kardashian. Another search term Americans enjoy is any type of porn that is related to “step mom.” The term is relevant to the mature and MILF genre which has taken the USA and porn world by storm as far as popularity. The citizens of USA make up more than 40% of those who visit PornHub. It is safe to say that Americans are not ashamed of enjoying pornography.

No one really knows what will happen next year when the new statistics about porn viewing are revealed. Will new countries make the list or will someone else take the number one spot? What is known is that there are millions of people all over the world who enjoy pornography. Plus, that individuals, no matter what part of the world they are in, can come together on several search terms. And in this case, it literally means coming together since most masturbate to the lesbian, milf and Kim Kardashian porn material.