6 Signs Online Dating is Not For You

Online dating is a form of meeting new people through internet. Different dating apps are booming now a day and give remarks to the user of how useful this would be. People who are single or seeking for partners in life or just hooking up online are interested in this kind of dating. If weren’t for online dating, probably, most of this generation is single.

Subscriptions to dating site are no longer a taboo. Millennial years, offers many chances and opportunities to give people an easy access to the world. New trends of meeting people or connecting to people are hitting the spot. Online dating is relatively fresh terrain for many. However, can you imagine how this thing works or won’t work on you? There are signs if online dating is not for you.



No One is Right

Looking for someone who is perfect is an impossible thing to do. Being perfect as an individual is not literally as easy as pie thing but instead a ton of hardships to be able to find. Taking into your mind, real relationship is all about self-sacrifice. As much as we wanted to have a perfect partner and follow all the standards we have on the checklist, we might not 100% achieve those listed standards. That thing is indeed hard to capture in online dating. Moreover, what you want will not be that great deal.

Backhanded Compliment

Past experiences are a great venture for gaining lessons about certain situations. We can never expect things that were given to us will remain as is. People were resentful of their past experiences rather than open to exploring the future. When full of negativity is spinning around the corner of your life, it is not a bad thing to shutdown yourself from that. Online dating is not meant for you indeed.

There are other ways

Aside from finding your great love online, you can find another ways. Living your entire life, solely, finding the one in different dating apps might intensely test your patience and trust. Relationship is about more than singledom search of a happily ever after. It is best suggested to think outside the box and be open-minded to many possible avenues for pursuing a good, long term relationship.

Love is not a Game

Online dating doesn’t spare you from the sting of bad dates. It is not a game that you need to play over her feelings or give too much standards to seek for your match. Some people are using online dating for hooking up, for fun, and for enjoyment. Online dating is not for everyone and not someone’s fairytale.

Not happy anymore

If you think you use online dating just to escape from the reality of life, easy distraction and even easier that makes you feel alive, then online dating is not good for you. You have to realize that truth is equals to genuine happiness. If you are guilty about the lies you have using the apps, or to the point you might hurt the other person whom you are talking to online then it is better to quit.

Seeking for Real-lationship

Too many days gone old and still you are seeking for a serious and long time relationship. You try hard to enjoy the process, time and enjoy yourself. If you are tired with everything going on around you and stuck up for nothing, then it’s time for you to move out in that online dating thing.




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